Henneberg Brewing Company

2001 Delphi Road, New Woodstock, NY 13122

Henneberg Brewing Co.

“Beer Grown Here.”

Henneberg Brewing Co. is a Farm Brewery that was started in August, 2013 by myself, John and my wife Maria. Being born and raised in Cazenovia, it makes me happy to own the first brewery in Cazenovia. The brewery has been a long time goal since I started homebrewing in 2007. I currently brew less than a barrel per batch which requires increased attention to detail to ensure that each and every batch remains consistent. Henneberg Brewing Co. will start out by producing a few quality beers: Farm House Pale ale, Cazenovia Common, and four seasonals: A Pumpkin IPA, a Mint Stout, a Scottish Ale, and a Wheat Beer for the summer.

What sets Henneberg Brewing Co. apart from the numerous farm breweries popping up across NYS? We grow hops and barley right on the farm. I also malt my own base barley. This difficult process is done by less than 10 breweries in New York State. Our goal is to grow 100% of our raw materials within 8-10 years. In order to keep up with our current demand, we have been buying local hops (The Bineyard, in Cazenovia) and local barley (from Canastota). In addition to beer, hops, and barley, we also have a small chicken flock that helps provide excellent fertilizer for the hops as well as fresh chemical free eggs for my family. The chickens love the spent grains from brewing.

Henneberg Brewing Co. will open a tasting room on the Farm in late summer of 2014. In the meantime, you can find my beer on tap in several local establishments. Check out HennebergBrewing.com to stay up to date.

I hope to see you on the Farm in 2014! The next time you’re enjoying a Henneberg Brewing Co. beer remember, I grew those hops and I grew and malted the barley.